About Us

Airside International is a quarterly magazine aimed at informing airports, airport authorities, airlines, ground service providers, GSE manufacturers and users, as well as reporting on airport infrastructure developments.

The magazine is a response to airside infrastructure growth worldwide, of which is always continuing to progress. New airside development brings with it the requirement for new installations, new service providers, new equipment and new technologies.

Airside International is your guide to the decisions being made by airport operators’ heads of procurement, the airlines, ground services providers and the GSE maintenance companies; it is also an information source related to innovation in airside infrastructure, equipment and services.

In Airside International’s perennial mission to inform the industry and to promote awareness and smart decision-making, the magazine also hosts the biennial GSE & Ramp Ops event: a conference and exhibition event.

The GSE & Ramp Ops event is an industry-leading forum for knowledge and networking. We aim to break industry inertia and drive innovative, enlightened thought.