Advanced Charging Technologies ships first customer order of Quantum GSE chargers

posted on 15th May 2019 by William Hayes
Advanced Charging Technologies ships first customer order of Quantum GSE chargers

Advanced Charging Technologies (ACT) announced they have dispatched their first large scale customer order of Quantum GSE chargers, a new line of UL rated-Type 3R outdoor ground support equipment (GSE) chargers.

This deployment is the first for the Quantum GSE product line, which extends charging capabilities from 150A to 300A at 80V. It also meets the charging needs of a variety of GSE equipment powered by lead acid and Li-Ion batteries.

“We are thrilled to be working with a customer that values technology and data as much as we do and will work together to reduce power consumption, save energy, and lower environmental costs,” said ACT General Manager, Michael Nelson.

Targeted towards FBO, regional, and non-hub maintenance and logistics companies, the Quantum GSE chargers feature modular technology, built-in redundancy, plug-n-play operation, and scalability through field expansion. They also offer high energy efficiencies with peak efficiencies greater than 94 percent and full-cycle efficiencies greater than 93 percent.

“The GSE market has been underserved and overlooked as it relates to battery charging solutions for over 20 years,” said Nelson. “We don’t think customers should settle for old technology.  We designed the Quantum GSE for this very reason.  The world class, patented Quantum technology adapted into an outdoor design will modernize the GSE market”

Established in 2009, ACT specialises in battery management products, including intelligent high frequency conventional, opportunity, fast battery chargers, advanced battery monitors, and cloud-based monitoring and management solutions serving the ground support equipment and industrial motive power battery markets.