Aviramp Delivering cost savings and versatility!

posted on 3rd June 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Aviramp Delivering cost savings and versatility!

Aviramp works within the industry to deliver cost effective real time solutions.

Aviramp is always ready on standby to help the industry rebuild operations during this difficult COVID 19 crisis. We have seen the effects of this awful pandemic globally, and the gradual shutdown of the world and its borders, breaking down vital connectivity between nations, in order to protect lives. However, we are all beginning to plan for the future, be it at different speeds, depending on the containment of this virus in various countries around the world. Some are suffering more than others, and recovering at different rates.  With this in mind, we want to reassure our valued customers, both existing and new, that we have a raft of simple, cost effective solutions that will help you move operations forward, and get people moving again.

Our suite of boarding ramps and bridges are part of the fabric of aviation ground handling and widely used at airports on all continents.  As usual our investment in research and innovation has developed and launched a complete suite of solar boarding ramps and bridges to offer real time cost effective solutions. This includes a boarding system that services all aircraft types including the wide body. Again Aviramp strives to be ground breaking in its approach to delivering products that work. These solar powered/electric alternatives are virtually maintenance- free, delivering more long term cost savings than ever before. What is more, existing customers with diesel-powered equipment can also convert those same products into solar as we offer a retrofit service. Who and what could be more agile than that!

Furthermore, we offer full service and certification for those products that have been lying dormant during this difficult downtime period. Therefore, we can also ensure health and safety regulations are met and duty of care maintained to existing Aviramp products, to allow those same products ‘to hit the ground running’ just as soon as operations go live again. Therefore, will help you prepare your existing Aviramp kit to work within your own constraints.

The versatility of the standard Aviramp product suite has been amplified for a long time, but again with budgets being frozen due to this unprecedented crisis, we realise your development projects and infrastructure plans may well be on hold or hanging in the balance. So Aviramp can provide a tangible solution in this scenario as well. We have solid track record that Aviramp can perform as a ‘Quick Fix Air bridge’ and we have successful USA case studies prior to Coronavirus, where Aviramp was deployed statically to replace a fixed terminal jet bridge. With impact on budgets, this may well provide a tidy solution.

Lastly, the Aviramp is the perfect vehicle to ensure safe social distancing protocols, due to its ease of use by both handler and passenger. Its one-person operation protects the handler, whilst the 360-degree design offers a safe ascent and descent for passengers and crew, regardless of aircraft size.  What is more, its gradual angled slopes mean there is no need for people to touch handrails, therefore no risk of contamination; just a safe, and swift easy boarding.

There are no real restrictions on Aviramp’s flexibility as a boarding and deplaning facility. We have always worked closely with industry leaders and influencers, to develop products that aids not hinders operations. We know that Aviramp offers multi purpose usage, and during this challenging period, it delivers cost effectiveness, improved safety and greater agility to airports, airlines, handlers and passengers“.