Brisbane runway project commences final stage

posted on 4th July 2019 by William Hayes
Brisbane runway project commences final stage

Brisbane’s new runway (BNR) has reached a crucial stage in construction, with the final layer of the runway’s pavement – the asphalt – being applied today.

More than 100,000 tonnes of aircraft-grade asphalt will be placed on top of the runway’s 2.5 metres of compacted sand and 600-milimetre layer of fine crushed rock, in a phase that will take 3 months to complete.

“After nearly 15 years as Project Director, I am just as passionate now as I was when I started thanks to moments like this,” said Paul Coughlan, Project Director. “Asphalt is the final layer of Brisbane’s new runway – the icing on the cake that is an internationally tried and tested runway pavement design.

The specially designed asphalt is produced by construction subcontractor Fulton Hogan, and allows flexibility, load-spreading capacity, deformation resistance and the ability to withstand aircraft-induced shear stresses and high temperatures.

Graeme Fenemore, project director of Skyway, which was awarded the Airfield Works contract in July 2017, said the asphalt milestone represents the success of the collaboration between Skyway and the Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC).

“Together we have implemented innovative engineering solutions while always putting the safety of our workforce first, proudly recording in excess of 2.2 million hours with an outstanding safety record,” said Fenemore. “By continuing the momentum we have, I am confident the project will be delivered safely to the satisfaction of the wider community.”