Brussels Airport to renovate runway in 2020 to guarantee safety

posted on 11th September 2019 by William Hayes

Brussels Airport has announced that it will renovate runway 25R/07L from 13 July to 23 August 2020, following the successful renovation of runways 25L/07R in 2015 and 01/19 in 2016.

The airport say the renovation is needed to guarantee the safe landing and take-off of aircraft, as the last renovation was 24 years ago, in 1996.

“The scheduled renovation will extend the life of the runway by at least 15 years and ensure that works of this size will not be required in the years ahead,” said the airport in a statement.

“In addition, we will take the opportunity to carry out other works so we will not have to close the runway later. These additional works include work on the cabling of the high-voltage and data networks and on the airfield light poles, as well as lawn repairs.”

Air navigation service provider skeyes will determine runway use while the work is taking place based on a variety of parameters, including preferential runway use determined by the federal government, the availability of take-off and landing runways and taxiways, the weather conditions and the traffic intensity.