Calgary International Airport order six e-BETA de-icers

posted on 27th September 2023 by Eddie Saunders
Calgary International Airport order six e-BETA de-icers

Vestergaard Company has announced the order from FSM Group for six additional Elephant e-BETA units for the Calgary International Airport (YYC), located in Alberta Canada.

The six new units are in addition to the 12 de-icing units purchased in 2022 for the Calgary Central De-icing Facility and will be in operation this fall 2023.

“We are delighted to once again have earned the trust of FSM Group and to be recognized for our dedication to quality and sustainable innovation,” says Vestergaard’s Anders Larsen, Chief Sales Officer.

“This order not only reaffirms our position in the market but also motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries and setting new industry standards.”

In partnership with the Canadian Airline Consortium and the Calgary International Airport Authority, the Vestergaard Elephant e-BETA leads the Global GSE De-icing industry in assisting our customers meet and exceed their environmental commitments to reduced greenhouse gases towards a carbon neutral future.

By leveraging the Canadian Consortium structure, the airline community operating out of YYC can cost effectively implement a fleet replacement plan that brings them one step closer to meeting their environmental goals.

The Elephant e-BETA is electrically operated with a hybrid option for driving to meet customer needs and has been in operation throughout Canada, the US and Europe for several years.