Charlotte Douglas International Airport reopened after security scare

posted on 12th September 2019 by William Hayes
Charlotte Douglas International Airport reopened after security scare

Charlotte Douglas International Airport has been given the all clear after police and security staff investigated a “suspicious item” found in the baggage claim area.

A report of unattended baggage prompted the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department to call in airport division officers to examine the item, and later a bomb squad unit who eventually confirmed the piece of luggage was not a threat.

Officers located the owner of the item and returned it, with the airport tweeting an all clear just over an hour after announcing a security investigation was ongoing, tweeting: “local law enforcement is responding to a possible security item in baggage claim. Lower level traffic is being rerouted to the upper level.”

Before the all clear was announced, airport officials warned passengers to “remain where they are” and to not “access roadways via foot,” adding that any flight delays would be announced by airlines.

Some passengers in the airport expressed unhappiness over the incident, including one who was with evacuees returning home after Hurricane Dorian and said the situation was adding to their stress.

Most flights were unaffected, with only six delays, although the airport warned there may be some slight delays in retrieving luggage.