Delta Air Lines awarded top prizes for sustainability efforts

posted on 4th October 2023 by William Hallowell
Delta Air Lines aircraft.

In this year’s Sky Team Alliance Sustainable Flight Challenge, Delta took home two top prizes as they are celebrated for their sustainability efforts.

Delta won awards for the Lowest CO2 Ground Emissions Home Base for electric ground support and Best Innovation Wildcard for several high-quality submissions.

The judges delivered the results at a gala on Tuesday, attended by participating airlines and a number of industry partners. Delta was also a finalist in both Best in Innovation and Lowest CO2 Emissions Ground Ops categories.

Innovation and collaboration are essential to decarbonise the hard-to-abate industry. They’re also core to Delta’s DNA, which is why Delta once again participated in the second annual Sky Team Alliance’s Sustainable Flight Challenge in May, said the airline.

Participating airlines explored new ways of operating and delivering sustainable experiences in an effort to accelerate the industry’s progress toward more sustainable travel and net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Amelia DeLuca, Delta’s chief sustainability officer, said: “If we’re going to be successful in reaching our goals, players from across our industry need to be going down different paths and trying new things to see what works best.

“No one airline or manufacturer or supplier can do this alone. What I love most about the Sustainable Flight Challenge is it gives all of us in the industry the opportunity to test new solutions, get feedback in real time from employees and customers, and compete in a collaborative way that spurs even more innovation for the sustainable future of flight.”

The challenge brought together industry innovators while giving airlines a platform to test and showcase parts of their sustainability strategies in action.

Delta participated using its most fuel-efficient aircraft, with roundtrip flights from Los Angeles to Atlanta on 17 May, and Atlanta to Paris on 23 May.

Image credit: Thomas Arnoux/Flickr