Dnata announces ‘substantial number’ of employees have been stood down

posted on 19th May 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Dnata announces 'substantial number' of employees have been stood down

Dnata, which employs 45,000 globally across its airport and travel services divisions has revealed the company has been forced to “stand down” a “very substantial number of employees” also revealing a 57 percent fall in annual profit due to the current Covid-19 pandemic.

A Dnata spokesperson said: “In many of our operations we have zero activity/income. Simply put, no business is sustainable on such basis. Further, future activity levels remain unpredictable with varying views as to the longevity of the disruption and subsequent implications of a global recession.

Given this extraordinary operating environment we have had to take some difficult steps to adjust our business model and work hard as we right size our business for what, right now, is an uncertain future.

Reluctantly this has also meant we have had to stand down a very substantial number of employees and have also had to let some of our people go.”

Dnata are urging the British Chancellor Rishi Sunak to bring forward amendments that will enable them to furlough and utilise their workers on a part-time basis from the beginning of June, instead of two months later as he announced this week.