Doncaster Sheffield Airport: Mayor launches legal action

posted on 26th October 2022 by Eddie Saunders
Doncaster Sheffield Airport: Mayor launches legal action

Doncaster’s mayor says she has instructed the council to begin legal action against the owner of Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA).

Ros Jones said this was to prevent the removal of critical assets ahead of the airport’s proposed closure.

Owner Peel Group said on Tuesday it had received no “credible proposal” for the site.

Ms Jones said she had also written to new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak urging him to intervene to save the airport.

Last month, Peel said operations would wind down at the airport from the end of October as it was not financially viable.

Ms Jones said: “Following the lack of national government support and the continuing unreasonable actions of Peel with a ridiculous timeframe and current unwillingness to suspend the closure notice, yesterday I instructed Doncaster Council to commence legal proceedings to prevent removal of critical assets and infrastructure essential for operation and future potential operators.”

Peel Group previously said it had begun “winding down provision of aviation services and facilitating an orderly managed closure”.

The mayor has always maintained the airport was viable and offers of financial support to Peel remained on the table.

However, the company said it had “met with every party that the local authority has made an introduction to who have been willing to meet”.

“Despite this, no credible proposal regarding the ownership of, or addressing the lack of financial viability of, DSA has yet been provided,” it added.

Ms Jones said the government had to put pressure on Peel “to accept the offer of public financial support, and seriously negotiate with prospective parties who want to buy the airport, halt its closure and save jobs”.

She said she had written to Mr Sunak and urged him to do more than his predecessor.

The mayor said the Yorkshire MP had an “ideal opportunity” to show a commitment to levelling up by taking action to prevent the airport’s closure.

“We are in the eleventh hour, and the next 24-48 hours are critical if we are to save Doncaster Sheffield Airport. I implore our new prime minister to intervene,” she said.

The Conservative MP for Don Valley Nick Fletcher tweeted he had written to the new transport secretary asking for his help to save the airport.

“We still have time but it’s rapidly running out,” he added.