Equivu Launches NextGen GHS Ground Handling Service

posted on 25th July 2023 by Gemma Keen

Equivu Capital Holdings, the private investment firm led by Salvatore C. Calavino, has announced the launch of NextGen GHS, a premier ground handling services provider for the airline industry. Operating in Billings, Montana (BIL) and Providence, Rhode Island (PVD), NextGen GHS aims to revolutionize ground handling operations. The company has appointed Ozgur Yesiltepe, an expert in aviation operations, as its president. Alongside NextGen GHS, Equivu also manages NextGen Deicing, a comprehensive aircraft deicing company.

NextGen GHS specializes in seamless and efficient ground handling operations, encompassing all phases of the process. Their array of services includes package sorting, ULD (Unit Load Device) consolidation and deconsolidation, as well as aircraft loading and unloading, all tailored to meet the specific requirements of their esteemed clients.

Moreover, NextGen GHS provides a range of supplementary services, including Ground Service Equipment (GSE) fueling and security escort services. The GSE fueling services ensure rapid, reliable, and efficient fueling for aircraft. The security escort services are manned by seasoned professionals, ensuring the safe transportation of passengers, crew, or external vendors to and from the aircraft or within the designated airfield work area.

Ozgur Yesiltepe, with over 25 years of experience in aviation operations management, leads the team as the president of NextGen GHS. His previous roles include Vice President of Operations for Quantem Aviation Services, along with senior positions at Cargo Airport Services, Cargo Forces, and Director of Ground Operations for Flight Ops International.

Salvatore C. Calavino, Chairman of NextGen GHS, NextGen Deicing, and CEO of Equivu Capital, expressed his confidence in NextGen GHS, stating, “With the airline industry facing numerous challenges today, NextGen GHS is dedicated to providing comprehensive and efficient ground handling services tailored to meet the unique needs of our airline customers.” He acknowledged that Ozgur’s extensive aviation operations experience and leadership, coupled with their high-quality workforce, enables NextGen to deliver exceptional service.

Ozgur Yesiltepe emphasized the company’s commitment to strategic expansion and continuous improvement, with a keen focus on meeting the ever-evolving needs of the industry. He revealed that NextGen GHS has plans to extend its ground handling services to several more airport locations in the upcoming months.