Fogmaker International AB introduces a new fire suppression fluid on the Swedish market

posted on 13th June 2023 by Eddie Saunders
Fogmaker International AB introduces a new fire suppression fluid on the Swedish market

Fogmaker International has spent years developing and evaluating fire suppression liquids free of PFAS chemicals to find the most effective solution.

When combined with an optimized Fogmaker system, the new Eco 1 liquid is unique in being 100% free from PFAS chemicals while also managing all three sides of the fire triangle: heat, oxygen, and fuel.

Fogmaker has carried out and passed fire suppression tests with Eco 1 according to SPCR 183 and the SBF 127:17 regulations. Starting January 1st, 2024, SBF 127:17 is Sweden’s only regulation valid for utility vehicles.

Eco 1 is also GreenScreen certified at the silver level, which means a third party has verified all substances in the liquid from an environmental perspective.

” We strive to phase out all potentially harmful substances and materials, and developing a new liquid free from PFAS chemicals has been a natural step in our sustainability work,” says Lars Alrutz, CEO at Fogmaker International.

Fogmaker’s fire suppression system is automatic, independent of electricity and position, always active, and uses a high[1]pressure water-based mist.

The system is developed for engine compartments and other enclosed spaces. One liter of mist expands into 1700 liters of fog, which displaces oxygen and cools the area.

Water mist does not conduct electricity and is safe to use even in electric vehicles, and the mist doesn’t penetrate components classed IP66 or higher.

Fogmaker’s system won’t be able to extinguish a fire in a lithium-ion battery, but covers at-risk areas where fires are likely to start.

Thus, the system prevents fires from spreading to the battery. If the battery still catches fire, Fogmaker cools and controls the blaze to gain time for vehicle evacuation.