Garsite announces partnership with AMS

posted on 10th September 2019 by William Hayes

Aviation refuelling company Garsite has announced a strategic partnership with UAE-based manufacturing company AMS.

AMS, which specialises in military support, fleet management and aviation fueling, will represent the Garsite brand in the middle East and Africa, in both commercial and military refueling equipment, operations and service capabilities.

“We are very pleased that we were able to put this partnership together,” said Leo Ruhlman, CEO of Garsite. “AMS is a world class organisation that shares many of the same core goals and competencies that Garsite does; to deliver a best-in-class product with superior after the sale support and service.”

“This partnership allows us to accelerate our distribution channels within the Middle Eastern and African Markets, which we believe offer significant growth opportunity in the coming years.”

Garsite offerings will include 300 GPM and 600 GPM refuelers, hydrant service vehicles, fueling trailers and above ground storage tanks, while the Kansas City-based company will utilise AMS’s market access, technologies, systems integration experience and personnel.