hoopo Launches Mobile Access Points creating infrastructure for GSE tracking

posted on 4th May 2020 by Eddie Saunders

hoopo Systems Ltd., provider of low-power tracking solutions, announced today the launch of its novel Mobile Access Point. The new product transforms existing Ground-Service Equipment into a mobile, wide-area infrastructure, providing connectivity for the hoopoSense trackers mounted on non-motorized equipment.

One of the most significant challenges in implementing a LPWA (low-power, wide-area) tracking solution in airports is the required infrastructure. Depending on the specific technology, a high density of gateways is sometimes necessary for establishing reliable coverage. Due to the many regulations in the aviation industry, deployment of assets on airport real estate can be quite challenging.

This results in an unfortunate cycle that delays deployments of different asset tracking systems in many airport environments. The hoopo team has developed a creative solution to overcome this obstacle; The Mobile Access Point is a miniature access point, powered by motorized ground support equipment (GSE) to create low-power, wide-area coverage without using any airport real estate.

Main Benefits:

  1. The Mobile Access Point enables quick trial set-up for testing the cost-effectiveness of tracking technologies. The ability to deploy a demo system without the need for airport real estate allows ground-handlers and airport authorities to experience innovative technologies for optimizing fleet utilization and operational efficiency.
  2. In a full system rollout, the Mobile Access Point decreases the number of fixed gateways required for system connectivity, thus reducing the total ownership cost.