India plans $12b infrastructure spend to meet rise in air passenger traffic

posted on 22nd August 2023 by William Hallowell
India plans $12b infrastructure spend to meet rise in air passenger traffic

India will build nine new greenfield airports in order to meet the sharp rise in domestic and international air passenger traffic, according to an aviation minister.

In addition, 41 existing airports in India will be upgraded with state-of-the-art infrastructure and new facilities at a cost of around USD$12b.

Civil aviation minister, Vijay Kumar Singh, said the high expenditure plans are being undertaken by the Airports Authority of India.

Under the Indian government’s Greenfield Airports Policy (GFAP), 21 new airports were sanctioned “in-principle” some time ago. Singh confirmed that “out of these, 12 greenfield airports have been operationalised.”

According to the GFAP, “if any developer, including a state government, desires to develop an airport, they are required to identify a suitable site and get the pre-feasibility study conducted for the construction of the airport and submit a proposal to the central government for site clearance. This will be followed by in-principle approval.”

Kannur in Kerala state, which enjoys heavy traffic to and from the Gulf, is one of the 12 greenfield airports which have become functional under the GFAP.

Calicut, also in Kerala with a high number of passengers and airlines from the GCC countries, is one of the airports being upgraded, the minister said.

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