International GSE Expo review from Las Vegas

posted on 29th September 2023 by William Hallowell
International GSE Expo 2023.

This week saw the return of the International GSE Expo event from Las Vegas, Nevada where some of the biggest names in the sector came together to network and showcase new products.

As the industry increasingly looks to go green, electric ground support equipment featured heavily across some 215 exhibitor stands, with many attendees emphasising on the need to electrify the sector for the benefit of the climate and the industry’s future.

The event’s turnout was large, and the range of exhibitors varied. Industry key players were celebrated for their hard work, with Menzies Aviation being awarded Ground Support Team of the Year 2023.

Menzies Aviation TPA receives the award for Ground Support Team of the Year 2023.

Exhibitors also seemed very optimistic about the future of GSE markets, with research projecting that a number of markets will continue to grow in the coming years.

Great enthusiasm was shown for the range of new products attendees had on show that solidified the conversations around the sector’s shift towards more sustainable types of ground support equipment – including hybrid and fully battery-powered equipment.

Waev’s conversion kit for electric vehicles is just one example of how new innovations are pulling the industry into the future, or Hallor’s Green Ox electric tractor which utilises telematics to create an enhanced end product for users.

But, in conversation with manufacturers at the Expo, there seemed to be a general consensus that the industry must work more closely together in order to ensure airport infrastructure is keeping up with the advancements in eGSE.