Bombelli keeps it cool

posted on 19th November 2019
Bombelli keeps it cool

Milan-headquartered GSE supplier Bombelli has confirmed the launch of its latest offering, a redesigned cool dolly. Oman Ground Handling has bought six of the cool pallet dollies and Bombelli is hopeful that it will take more

Oman’s biggest ground handler is only the first of many customers likely to take up the Arctic Cool Dolly, believes Andrea Bombelli, who is in charge of the Italian GSE manufacturer’s international sales and marketing. In fact, Ethiopian Airlines has also bought five units and Bombelli is closing another deal that he hopes can be announced very soon.

The Arctic Cool Dolly bridges the gap between arrival of perishables or pharma cargo from a warehouse at the airport and the loading of that freight onto an aircraft. Any delays in the loading process can result in precious temperature-sensitive cargo being spoiled by the hot weather that is pretty much an all-round feature of countries such as Oman.

The cool dolly might actually act also as a short-term repository for any temperature-sensitive cargo if there is a lack of suitable cool-chain warehouse space available at an airport.

Oman Ground Handling is likely to be expanding its perishables handling business, says Andrea Bombelli, as a result of an Omani government strategy to promote trade in temperature-sensitive goods such as fish, and the handler is therefore likely to be particularly appreciative of the equipment’s capabilities.

Bombelli believes that the Middle East is probably the biggest potential market for the Arctic Cool Dolly, but clearly many other regions are also on his radar. There has certainly been a lot of interest in the equipment since it was completely redesigned into its present form over the last year or two, and it also attracted plenty of admiring glances at the recent inter airport show in Munich.

The unit can maintain an interior temperature of between -25 degrees C and +25 degrees C ­– enabling it to keep cargo cool in hot conditions, or even keep other sorts of cargo relatively warm as required in cold conditions.

In its standard variant, the cool dolly uses a diesel engine to power its refrigeration unit. Electric power from the mains can also be used it is possible to plug the unit into the grid. Another option would see a fully electric version with not only connection to the grid and battery power but solar panels providing top-up energy when the machine is away from mains power.

Not only does the Arctic Cool Dolly ensure the integrity of the logistics cool chain, but it can also prove that fact. Temperature status within the units is continuously monitored and logged and stored for up to a year; this allows the unit’s operator, or relevant forwarder o shipper, to prove the integrity of its role in any cargo’s cool chain: a considerable benefit if problems arise somewhere in transit, or indeed if there is a move from the customer towards certification under some sort of industry standard such as the International Air Transport Association’s CEIV Pharma.

The machine is built entirely at Bombelli’s Milan factory, alongside refrigeration systems and insulated panels from carefully selected companies specialising in these areas. It is a strong, sturdy machine to survive the rigours of busy and congested ramp environments.

Bombelli also offers a live animal version of the Arctic Cool Dolly. This comes equipped with an air conditioning and air circulation system rather than a refrigeration unit. It is ideal for the safe and comfortable transport of domestic pets or more commercial animal cargo, such as racehorses.

Cool decision

Feedback from Oman Ground Handling suggests the company is keen to take delivery of its six Arctic Cool Dollies. A member of the handler’s ramp team said that the units will be particularly useful for handling meat and fish as well as pharma cargo.

The vehicles are expected to be delivered in November, and will be placed into service at Muscat International Airport.