Bulmor reaches the heights

posted on 19th November 2019
Bulmor reaches the heights

Bulmor is a leading player in specialised lifting vehicles, especially side loaders. Its airport ambulifts were on display in Munich

Konrad Gruber, sales manager at Vienna, Austria-headquartered Bulmor was demonstrating to inter airport visitors two of the company’s products: the well-known SideBull PRM vehicle and its more recently developed FrontBull.

The popularity of SideBull continues to increase, says Gruber. The vehicle has been sold widely across Europe, and recently the first SideBull was sold for the first time into the US (specifically, into Chicago O’Hare Airport).

But development of the unit continues. And an electric, lithium-ion version is in the offing; in fact, it should be ready sometime next year, Gruber confirms.

A fully electric FrontBull was also on the stand. A smaller vehicle than its SideBull colleague, it is designed for airports where space is at a premium. It is equipped with a lead acid battery producing 48 kWh for four to six hours of use.

While the SideBull is suitable for serving all aircraft types, being able to reach up to 8.1m (the XXL model can handle the A380’s upper deck), the FrontBull has a lower reach, of 5.7m. It can take two passengers in wheelchairs, or a single stretcher/gurney passenger.

More details on Bulmor’s SideBull and FrontBull can be found in the PRM feature of this issue.