dBD looks to potential of aviation market

posted on 19th November 2019
dBD looks to potential of aviation market

Basildon, UK-headquartered dBD Communications, a specialist in Bluetooth communications solutions for the ramp environment (as well as for other industries, such as rail and construction), was at inter airport to demonstrate a number of its wireless systems

dBD’s Turnaround Integrated Gate And Ramp (T.I.G.A.R) system, for example, is designed to link gate, turnaround co-ordinator, ramp team and cockpit as necessary and thereby speed up aircraft turnaround times. It enables unwired line of sight communications over a distance of up to 500m

T.I.G.A.R allows connectivity of up to four users in a wireless-based network. It comes not only with separate transceiver capability on each headset worn by individual handlers turning around an aircraft at a stand but also a speaker that can be located with the ground handling team at an aircraft gate.

Plenty of other dBD systems, such as its Minerva system that allows users untethered communications around the aircraft at ranges exceeding 150m, were also available for demonstration at the booth.

Business is good for the company right now, although the aviation sector remains its greatest untapped market, says managing director David O’Connell. Sales into the Asia-Pacific region have been particularly buoyant of late, with systems now having been sold into locations including Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand and Papua New Guinea.

Wireless systems may be more expensive than wired communications networks, but they may well offer total cost of ownership savings when the not-uncommon problem of broken leads on congested aprons is taken into account. Wireless also represents greater freedom of movement for those wanting to move unhindered around an aircraft at a gate, O’Connell points out.