IGOM update

posted on 15th June 2022
IGOM update

In February, IATA launched the IGOM Portal – what it describes as an online platform where, with the IATA Ground Operations Manual (IGOM) as the primary reference, airlines and ground service providers can exchange information, including any variations, on their ground handling requirements.
“Safe and secure on-time turnarounds are a priority for airlines and a critical deliverable for GSPs [ground service providers],” says Nick Careen, IATA senior vice president operations, safety and security. “Standardisation of procedures through the IGOM is a key enabler. But it must be implemented to be effective. The IGOM Portal will provide the means to understand variances and manage adoption.”
He continues: “The safety gains from global standardisation have been proven as aviation has developed. Along with facilitating global adoption of IGOM, the IGOM Portal will establish a baseline to measure and manage the global adoption of IGOM, which will also lead to significant efficiency gains.
“With greater standardisation, for example, GSPs will see a reduced need for airline specific training and will more easily be able to deploy staff across multiple customers,” Careen concludes.