No single solution

posted on 15th June 2022
No single solution

Myron Keehn, vice president of air service, business development, ESG (environmental, social and governance) and government relations at EIA, believes that there is no one solution to reducing emissions and addressing the climate crisis the industry faces.
“Hydrogen is a promising technology that will bring many benefits but it’s just one tool of many that we must employ,” he urges. “Our airport has already taken other steps with our cogeneration electricity facility that runs on natural gas and captures waste heat to warm and heat our terminal building, allowing us to use less gas and reduce our emissions.
“We’re also going ahead with Airport City Solar built by Alpin Sun on our property. It will be the largest solar farm at an airport anywhere in the world. We must use all the tools available to us and not limit our horizons.”
With regard to the potential for supporting the conversion of GSE used at EIA to hydrogen power, the airport is discussing the options for ‘going green’: “These are the conversations that we look forward to having with our various partners in ground handling,” Keehn informs.
“We can’t comment on specific conversations with individual companies. However, we certainly want our broader airport community to embrace what is possible. We know we can’t make these sustainable changes in isolation – it will take our full community working together to make meaningful progress on reducing emissions at the airport.”
And on the subject of sustainable aviation fuels, Keehn opines: “Airlines around the world are racing to invest in SAF. We believe there will be considerable demand for it, and sooner than may be expected. We have signed MoUs [memoranda of understanding] with two flag-carriers – Air Canada and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines – to work together on sustainability initiatives.”