‘Operational robustness’

posted on 5th June 2023
‘Operational robustness’

Franc Sanmartí, director of sustainability & government affairs at Vueling, confirms that, while WheelTug is still certifying the device, “We will help them to speed [this process] up as much as we can.
“There are no timelines yet [on delivery of WheelTug systems to the carrier] as it is a complex process that depends on many stakeholders and authorities but we will help WheelTug speed up the certification process so we can take advantage of its benefits as soon as possible.”
Of the reasons for the decision to go with the innovative tug system, he says: “Our aim is to reduce emissions and noise, and increase operational robustness/ground operations predictability with WheelTug.”
As for parent carrier IAG’s role in that decision, “We work closely with IAG on all decisions,” Sanmartí advises.