Power source

posted on 15th June 2022
Power source

Anirrban Batacharrya is the business head of Vector Technorium, Panus GSE’s sales agent in India.
He agrees that this first Panus electric tug going into the Indian market definitely represents a curtain raiser to the huge market potential for such green equipment in India. Moreover: “The GMR brand in itself is a big-ticket acquisition for us and the whole industry will take note of it when the tug arrives in India.”
Batacharrya points to the Government of India’s March 2019 white paper on a National Green Aviation Policy as illustrative of the demand that exists for battery-powered GSE in the country today, demand which he believes will only grow in the future.
The white paper sets out a strategic framework for addressing the major environmental challenges facing the nation’s aviation industry, and points to ground handling processes and equipment as relevant issues. As a result, airlines and ground handling companies operating in India are focusing a lot of attention on electric solutions.
Another string to the Panus bow in India is provided by the leasing option that it now offers. “The GSE leasing market is a new market initiative,” notes Batacharrya. “We recognised this opportunity long ago and are working in that direction to offer leasing solutions to customers.
“This market is bound to explode soon,” he declares.