Scandinavian heat

posted on 27th September 2023
Scandinavian heat

Based in Kungsängen in northwest Stockholm, Nordic Heater supplies heaters designed to heat aircraft interiors or to de-ice engines. The stainless steel units are designed and built with an emphasis on quality, durability and safety. Administrator Evyline Älvenstrand-Lilja tells Airside all about the company and its products

Can you tell us about Nordic Heater?

Nordic Heater is a Swedish company that was founded in 2008 together with our sister companies, Stockholms Vattenskärning AB, and Ribea Engineering AB.
Our CEO bought the company RLS Mekano that had manufactured Kocoverk diesel heaters since the 1960s. The former company Erri AB has also been merged with Nordic Heater.
We have a legacy and experience in building aircraft heaters. Over the years, we have improved and refined the technology and designs.
Some of our heaters are adapted for construction sites, rather than the aviation sector.
All our heaters range from 42kW to 200kW capacity.

What types of aircraft can benefit from your heaters?

Our smallest heaters, for example the E42 model, are designed for smaller aircraft up to medium-sized machines, of up to 200 seats. Our biggest, the D200R, is designed for widebodied aircraft of up to 500 seats.

What makes Nordic Heater units special?

Our heaters are made of stainless steel, which makes them a durable product lasting a long time. We also make them in-house (together with our sister company Stockholms Vattenskärning), which means that we can control not only their design but every step of the production process.
They are light, flexible and compact (making storage easy, for example). They benefit from low fuel consumption and can run for 24 hours at 100% load.
There is also an option to have the heater custom-painted but what makes us unique is the totality of everything mentioned above. A heater from Nordic Heater is durable and requires less maintenance and [fewer] refuelling cycles.

Do you offer electric options?

Yes, there is a choice between electric, diesel and hybrid (on the D120, it is possible to run the fan in hybrid mode) heaters. Our battery-powered heater is called the B90 and it is the first battery-powered heater [of its kind]. The first one was sold to [airport operator] Fraport in Germany – we delivered the heater in December 2022.
This is an idea we worked on because we want to take responsibility and offer something more environmentally friendly. It represents a good option in addition to our other heaters. And this may be the future of heating.

In which markets do you sell your heaters?

We have sold heaters into different parts of the world. Most are in Europe but there are a few in Canada as well as one heater in Kyrgyzstan.
Our customers include TCR (TCR Sweden, Norway and Denmark), Icelandair, SAS, airBaltic, Aviator, Air Inuit and many more. Together with our Erri heaters and Kocoverk, we have sold approximately 1,000 heaters.
We are looking to expand our market to the US by adapting our E42 to American standards, as a new heater called the E80.
Other news is that we are going to be exhibiting at inter airport Europe in Munich in October as well as at the GSE Expo in Las Vegas in September.