Showcasing GSE

posted on 27th September 2023
Showcasing GSE

This year’s International GSE Expo is to be held at a new venue – the Las Vegas Convention Center, located a short way from the famous Las Vegas Strip. The event will take place over 26-28 September and will be presented by the International Airport Equipment Manufacturers’ Association (IAEMA) as well as by Ground Support Worldwide and Airport Business

Jennifer Matasy, IAEMA’s chair, tells Airside that the show will be bigger than its predecessor in 2021 – as of mid-July, more than two months prior to the event, footage taken up was already up to 93,000ft2, 10% more than was the case in 2021.
A total of 196 companies had already booked their exhibitor’s spot, also an increase on two years ago.
This year’s International GSE Expo is also to build on past events. “This industry proved how resilient and committed [it is] to enhancing the ground handling industry by showing up en masse to the 2021 Expo. Despite all the challenges related to traveling at the tail end of the pandemic, thousands of attendees showed up to see the latest innovations in ground support equipment,” Matasy says.
Now: “Air travel is back and busier than ever, so we’re moving forward with showcasing the future of ground operations this year; attendees will see firsthand the innovations that will transform their operations in this new era of travel.”
Last year, IAEMA launched a new GSE Expo Europe – held in Paris in September. Experience gained there will also feed into the Vegas Expo. “The regional show in Europe was a successful event serving that region and its key players,” Matasy says. “Now that we’re bringing the world together in Las Vegas, we’re committed to building broader appeal for the ground handling market and the challenges it faces.
“Every region has its own initiatives and challenges it needs to face. We’ve made sure to bring in a record number of vendors to this show to provide valuable and real solutions for everyone no matter where they’re from.”
Of the priorities for the Vegas show, Matasy advises: “The GSE Expo remains the largest showcase of ground support equipment anywhere in the world. We’re committed to showcasing the future of the industry with the latest innovations in autonomous equipment, green innovations and fleet management technologies grounded in telematics.
“These technologies play a central role in meeting the record demand in air traffic and taking ground handling operations to the next level of efficiency the industry is seeking.”
She continues: “We’re seeing a record number of people already signed up to attend the show as we present the largest ground handling exposition ever put together.
“The Las Vegas Convention Center provides the space and amenities we need to make this happen as attendees come to invest in the technology they need to meet their operational goals.
“This show promises to provide a world-class experience for attendees from all over the world while providing our European attendees with a chance to see innovations from all over the world before we transition to the regional show again in 2024.
“We’re excited to announce the GSE Expo will return to the Las Vegas Convention Center in 2025, so stay tuned for updates.”