Supporting emissions-free hydrogen fuels

posted on 15th June 2022
Supporting emissions-free hydrogen fuels

EIA describes itself as a “strong supporter” of the efforts being made to transition to hydrogen fuel “for Alberta, for Canada and for all of the aviation industry”.
The airport is home to the Airport City Sustainability Campus, a broad campus of businesses with a focus on fostering innovation, new technologies and sustainable operations, and this is supporting the process of converting to the emission-free sources of fuel that hydrogen represents.
“We believe in a sustainable future, a future where technology and emerging energies will help us achieve carbon neutral status in the coming years,” remarks Tom Ruth, EIA’s president and CEO.
“Beyond that, our Airport City Sustainability Campus can help create demand for hydrogen and offer real-world testing scenarios which will encourage private investment in the Edmonton Metro Region’s hydrogen industry.”
Some of the potential developments in this area in which EIA is expecting to be involved include:

  • Hydrogen-powered shuttle buses for passengers. EIA has signed an agreement with Canadian company Letenda for hydrogen-powered shuttle buses that will be integrated into the airport fleet that is used for parking and also for on-demand transit service within its Airport City Sustainability Campus
  • Industrial vehicle hydrogen fuel conversions. The types of industrial vehicles to be converted are still to be determined but types that the airport operator is considering include snow removal vehicles such as graders and brushing trucks as well as GSE vehicles including baggage tugs, fuelling vehicles and other similar machines
  • Development of hydrogen fueling stations for public access
  • Further exploration of the uses of hydrogen fuel in aviation

Testing and development of the relevant technologies is expected this year and beyond, depending on the scope of the work and the various partners involved.