issue 22

The October issue of Airside will be my first as editor. After over a decade of writing and editing for Jane’s Information Group and then six years with The A-Z Group (publishers of Air Cargo Week, amongst many other titles), I have moved on to take on the reins at Airside.

Aircraft power systems at the stand is a major concern right now, and Airside considers the various alternatives available.

Changing technology is also a major focus on articles looking at passenger boarding bridges and cargo containers, while we also consider how de-icing procedures and equipment are currently in a state of flux.

When outright purchases of GSE appears financially prohibitive, there are alternatives involving leasing, while other articles in this issue of Airside assess how today’s gateways are managing noise emissions, the view from Australia when it comes to fulfilling defence contracts in the GSE sector and, finally, we talk to WFS’s Scott Whitfill about the handler’s Phoenix rebuild facility.

I hope you find much in this issue of interest.

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Featured in this issue

  • GSE Services stays ahead

    Ryan Daly, a sales manager at Queensland-based GSE Services, acknowledges that the tender process used by the Australian Defence Organisation (ADO) is the fairest method of determining who wins commer...

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  • Container value

    Anyone working in air freight today would be amazed at the sight of loose cargo being loaded onto an aircraft, as was the case at the birth of the industry in the early 1900s. That might have worked w...

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  • Aircraft power at the stand

    With the two concerns of austerity and environmentalism becoming increasingly important at airports and other air installations, the need for and the use of ground power units (GPUs), auxiliary power ...

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  • Breaking the ice

    Global de-icing regulations are becoming more stringent, and as such de-icing equipment manufacturers and software developers are under pressure to adopt evolving technologies to increase the efficien...

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  • Bucking the trend

    Operational leasing of ground support equipment (GSE) aims at reducing the high financial risk associated with GSE purchase. However, geographical and operational differences still play a critical rol...

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  • Meeting the challenges at WFS’s Phoenix rebuild facility

    Scott Whitfill, Worldwide Flight Services’ North American director of maintenance is delighted with the company’s rebuild facility at Phoenix Mesa Gateway airport, in Arizona. Whitfill is usual...

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  • Airports look to go green

    Airports and aviation hubs connect people, countries and continents, foster commercial and cultural exchange, and stimulate business, trade and employment at local, national and global level. Yet grow...

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  • Managing noise

    The apparent paradox about airport noise management is that engines are much quieter than they have ever been, yet people are still becoming more sensitive to aircraft noise.  [caption id="attachm...

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  • Changing boarding bridge technology

    Regular air travellers have become so used to walking directly from the terminal lounge onto the aircraft that the need to walk up steps instead would be almost enough to put people off flying. But, f...

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