The Autumn issue of Airside International features some in-depth features on subjects close to the heart of some of the real specialists of the airside world, including cargo containers, on-stand power sources and the world of on-airport blast and noise mitigation. We have interviews with GSE experts at Menzies and Etihad Airport Services, as they tell us about what they look for in GSE and how they go about making their fleet procurement decisions. We also talk with Dane Anderson, president and CEO of WASP, to get the perspective of a leading GSE manufacturer, as well as Haldun Aksoy, managing director of Turkish GSE manufacturer Timsan on his company’s plans for expansion. Airside also sees how Stuttgart Airport is playing a leading role in driving change toward more environmentally friendly handling equipment at this busy German gateway. With winter just around the corner, regular contributor David Smith looks at the complexities of on-airport deicing, while Harley Khan sees how de-icing fl uid supplier Clariant has brought many experts in this fi eld together to consider how the industry can move forward together to best approach the evolving problems associated with aircraft de-icing techniques and technologies. Chris Lewis assesses the value of GSE leasing, while Airside rounds off with its usual look at the breaking news of the last couple of months.

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  • Taking everything into consideration

    Airside talks to one of the world’s big  gest handlers about how it acquires new and replacement GSE. Cost, whether of outright purchase or long-term lease, is crucial, but there are many other fa...

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  • Developments in de-icing

    The on-airport de-icing business is changing, as both sounds economic and environmental pressures have forced those involved to look for cheaper and greener ways of ensuring that aircraft can continue...

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  • Clariant brings de-icing community together

    In June, de-icing fluid supplier Clariant held a conference on the subject of on-airport de-icing, an event that attracted many of the big players in that sector to Vienna. Airside’s Harley Khan rep...

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  • The leasing alternative

    Leasing has taken a long time to become established in the GSE sector – but it is starting to gain ground now, explains Chris Lewis Driving down the motorways of Europe or North America, the majo...

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  • Powerful stuff

    Aircraft, even when on the ground, are power-hungry – and, given the proliferation of passenger comforts, air conditioning and on-board electrical systems – not to mention the sheer increase in pl...

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  • Twin challenges: blast and noise

    Airside operations have many challenges, amongst them the dangers associated with the use of jet engines in populated and congested areas. It’s part of an airport authority’s role to minimise the ...

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  • Steady progress

    The world of the cargo container doesn’t change too quickly but there is perhaps a surprising amount of technological development associated with the much-abused ULD and pallet  The technolo...

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