Autumn 2019

issue 47

Welcome to the Autumn 2019 issue of Airside International, in which we offer a bumper issue looking forward to the world’s biggest airport-related exhibition. In an interview with the managing director of show organiser Mack Brooks Exhibitions, Sandra Hamann, we take a look at what we can expect from inter airport Europe 2019, and how this year’s event will in all likelihood build on the success of its past.

Staying on the subject of industry events, the GSE & RAMP-OPS AFRICA Review piece looks back at this magazine’s sister conference and exhibition, held for the first time in the rapidly evolving African market.

Four of the features in this issue of the magazine relate directly to GSE, one assessing how demand for – and supply of – more environmentally friendly equipment is changing the airside operating environment in many parts of the world. Another considers GSE engine technology, the third ground power units and pre-conditioned air units, and the fourth tugs and tractors; in these areas, too, the need to minimise harmful emissions is a key driver of change.

And the last of our major features of this issue assesses the changing world of on-airport aircraft de-icing.

The ramp and ongoing modernisation of apron areas is an ongoing focus of Airside International and this issue is no different. Here, investment in new infrastructure and equipment across a large number of North American gateways has been our focus, encompassing new developments at airports including Miami, Tampa, Oakland, Rickenbacker and Vancouver. Europe is also not forgotten, with a glimpse into a busy future for Finland’s Helsinki Airport.

The world according to the GSE provider is not forgotten, as we meet suppliers of airside equipment including Transtec Overseas. We hear the latest news from CIMC Airmarrel, while new technologies are the focus of considerations of Vanderlande’s innovative automated FLEET baggage handling system and Aurrigo’s autonomous ramp baggage dolly being trialled by British Airways at London Heathrow’s Terminal 5.

AVIACO CEO Danny Vranckx welcomed Airside to the GSE refurbishment specialist’s new facility in Spain as the company expands rapidly across new markets, growing its international footprint.

Nick Klause, head of product management at Lippstadt, Germany-based ASO Safety Solutions – manufacturer of safety systems for equipment in many industries, including aviation – offers his thoughts on what his company offers that cannot be readily sourced elsewhere.

The all-important work of the ground handler is also put under the spotlight. We talk to ground service provider Link Aero’s CEO Amr Samir, while Pegasus’ vice president of ground operations tells Airside about how the Turkish low-cost carrier has ramped up its on-time performance and customer satisfaction through the introduction of new technologies and new processes.

US ground services provider PrimeFlight Aviation Services is expanding, and we take a look at the latest moves it is making.

Finally, two of our regular Buyer’s Assessments complete the issue. One takes a look at the success of Aviramp’s innovative mobile walk-through boarding bridges at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on the US West Coast, and the other considers the value of ASI Solutions’ Rhinophalt runway resurfacing option for Alderney Airport in the Channel Islands.

We hope you enjoy the issue.

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Featured in this issue

  • Aircraft De-icing

    Canada’s Toronto Pearson International Airport – Canada’s largest airport in terms of total passenger traffic and North America’s second-largest in terms of international traffic – is one ga...

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  • Moving with the times

    CIMC Airmarrel, a specialist in loaders and transporter design and production, is adding to its GSE’s capabilities with the latest technological developments CIMC Airmarrel can trace its history ...

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  • Bringing high-tech to pushback

    Airport pushback tugs and tractors is perhaps not the industry sector best known for rapid technological change, but high-tech advances are certainly finding their way into this facet of airside opera...

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  • Encouraging the transition to green GSE

    Airlines and airports receive a lot of unwanted attention in relation to the emissions produced by the aircraft that are otherwise such a welcome feature of the modern world. Both carriers and airline...

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  • inter airport Europe 2019 preview

    Nicola Hamann, managing director of Mack Brooks Exhibitions, which organises inter airport Europe, spoke to Airside International about the forthcoming event to be held in Munich this October It is...

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  • Powering the future

    A number of manufacturers of engines used in GSE are committing themselves to minimising emissions and – to this end – assessing the feasibility of various electric driveline options Columbus, ...

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  • A look back at GSE & RAMP-OPS AFRICA

    A welcome reception was held on the evening of Monday 10 June at the hotel to greet delegates, exhibitors and sponsors alike, the first opportunity for all involved in GSE & RAMP-OPS AFRICA to beg...

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  • ASO Safety Solutions broadens its reach

    Can you describe ASO’s growth since its foundation in the mid-1980s, and how you have developed your product offering over the years? ASO Safety Solutions has grown from a small craft business i...

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  • Buyer’s Assessment (Alderney Airport/ASI Solutions)

    In 2018, Alderney Airport benefited from a runway refurbishment carried out with ASI Solutions’ Rhinophalt and Rhino-Dust products Alderney is the northernmost of the Channel Islands, the small i...

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  • Buyer’s Assessment (SEA/Aviramp)

    Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac), in Washington State on the West Coast of the US, benefits from the extensive use of a number of Aviramp mobile walk-through boarding bridges that serve ...

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  • Connecting with customers

    Link Aero is a ground handler and aviation services provider that has grown rapidly since its creation in 1992. Ensuring customer satisfaction is at the heart of its offering, explains CEO Amr Samir ...

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  • Transtec Overseas ramps up

    Mumbai-headquartered GSE manufacturer Transtec Overseas is expanding its product portfolio and investing in technological innovation as it meets growing demand for GSE to serve the large narrowbody fl...

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  • AVIACO GSE: going places

    AVIACO GSE is a company on the move, in more ways than one. Operating in its current format for just five years, it has grown quickly in its role of GSE refurbishing specialist. It then sells or lease...

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  • Pegasus soars higher

    Turkish low-cost carrier (LCC) Pegasus Airlines is doing much to continually improve its customers’ experience, and this has included upgrading its ground handling operations. Vice president of grou...

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  • PrimeFlight Aviation Services acquisition expands its reach

    Sugar Land, Texas-headquartered PrimeFlight Aviation Services has acquired Washington-based air cargo and ground handling company Majestic Terminal Services in a move that will broaden PrimeFlight’s...

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  • MIA to spend on new infrastructure and facilities

    The Miami-Dade County Board of County Commissioners has given the green light to a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) that will fund up to US$5 billion in modernisation projects for Miami International...

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  • Tampa looks to the future

    Florida gateway Tampa International Airport is continuing to invest in a master plan for infrastructure development, including new airside and landside facilities Tampa International Airport (TPA) ...

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  • Port of Oakland demonstrates new ARFF capacity

    Earlier this year, Oakland International Airport showed off two brand-new fire-fighting vehicles as part of a simulated emergency response training exercise. The Panther aircraft rescue and fire-fight...

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  • Rickenbacker to invest federal funds

    Ohio’s Rickenbacker International Airport, a specialised cargo gateway, is to receive US$15 million from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for airport improvements. It plans to spend the ...

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  • Air Canada builds GSE and cargo facility at Edmonton

    Air Canada is looking ahead to the day when it will have use of a dedicated GSE and cargo building at Edmonton International Airport (EIA) Work on the construction of the building began in October ...

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  • Helsinki Airport expands its long-haul capacity

    A new, state-of-the-art West Pier – forest-themed in its design and build – opened its doors in May this year. It represents a major step forward for the Nordic long-haul hub, but it is only one p...

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  • Testing continues on unmanned baggage dolly

    As of late June, an autonomous baggage dolly had been on trial at London Heathrow Terminal 5 for some six weeks. The proof of concept testing has been carried out as a partnership between Coventry, UK...

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  • DFW tests autonomous baggage mover airside

    Following on from the theme of Aurrigo’s autonomous baggage dolly being tested on the ramp at London Heathrow International Airport, Dallas/Fort Worth Airport (DFW) in the US has acted as the host f...

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  • Offering alternatives

    The technology used in ground power units (GPUs) and pre-conditioned air units (PCAs) is changing, particularly in terms of the lengths to which manufacturers will now go in order to minimise the envi...

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  • Vancouver celebrates construction milestone

    Canada’s Vancouver International Airport has reached a major marker in the ongoing development programme that it believes will enhance its position as a ‘world-class hub’ This summer, Vancouv...

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