Autumn 2020

issue 51

Welcome to the Autumn 2020 issue of Airside International, in which we see just how suppliers are continuing to market and sell their wares even during these times of crisis for the aviation industry. Many of them are finding innovative ways of maintaining contact with existing customers and making themselves accessible to potential new ones.

We talk to a number of the big de-icing vehicle manufacturers, as well as suppliers of ground power units, tugs and tractors, to get their take on how the industry has changed as a result of the pandemic and what the future might hold.

Innovation is key to success in GSE development. We take a look at Power Stow’s helpful Transfer Belt and the very different TaxiBot aircraft tug that is undertaking tests at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, while also already in operational use in India.

Tecnove by Jofrauto’s disinfectant truck is an example of innovation directly inspired by the pandemic, while David O’Connell, managing director of dBD Communications, has not only ensured that his company has continued to sell well in these challenging times but is also doing his bit for the local community.

Airside speaks to MC Solutions about its new airfield ground lighting failure response testing equipment, to a new aviation consultancy called Airport Operations and to a charitable start-up named Aviation Action that is available to help anyone in aviation that has suffered during the crisis of the past few months.

We get the latest from GSE manufacturer CIMC Air Marrel, as well as from suppliers HiSERV, Rushlift, Shell Aviation and IT specialist hoopo. Plus. We chat with dnata’s regional CEO for the Asia-Pacific region, Dirk Goovaerts, to gain an insight into how one of the world’s biggest handlers is coping with the challenges that Covid-19 has thrown up.

We hope you enjoy the issue.

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Featured in this issue

  • Electric tow tractors: evidence of a long-term trend?

    Kalmar Motor is a specialist in electric and hybrid tugs and is one of those at the forefront of the move towards greener GSE. While the GSE manufacturing sector has been hit hard by the pandemic t...

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  • Airport Operations offers its support

    Airport Operations is a relatively new addition to the aviation sector. Formed in 2019, and headquartered in Essex in the UK, it offers both consultancy services and resources to airport operators loo...

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  • Aviation Action in action

    Chris Wild, the head of airfield operations at the UK’s Manchester Airport, has – with the help of a number of his colleagues in the aviation industry – set up a charity to help members of the s...

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  • CIMC Air Marrel expands its electric-powered portfolio

    Air Marrel is not letting the grass grow under its feet in this incredibly tough year. As part of a larger GSE manufacturing group, it is continuing to expand its portfolio of equipment, and particula...

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  • dBD Communications adapts to the changing times – with success

    Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the aviation industry, in all sorts of ways. In business, and certainly for suppliers selling into this sector, it has been necessary to find new ways of working to s...

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  • dnata cleans up

    Handlers have been hit hard by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, perhaps as hard as any link in the chain of the aviation industry. Yet, ground service providers (GSPs) such as dnata have been at ...

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  • HiSERV offers Smart training option

    In July, Cologne, Germany-based GSE supplier HISER delivered a state-of-the-art training device to Berlin Brandenburg Airport. The Smart Trainer is modelled on an aircraft body and is now in use in Ge...

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  • hoopo: elements of a successful reboot

    Ittay Hayut, the cofounder and CEO of hoopo, a provider of low-power, wide-area (LPWA) monitoring and tracking solutions, offers his thoughts on what three things will be key to a successful restorati...

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  • Innovation in GSE

    Denmark-headquartered Power Stow, well known for its extendable belt loader system, the Rollertrack Conveyor that is used by airports, ground handlers and airlines around the world, also developed the...

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  • Invention in disinfection

    A Spanish GSE supplier is offering airport authorities and ramp operators a new way of keeping apron areas clean and safe, as part of the wider fight against the Covid-19 threat Tecnove by Jofrauto...

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  • ITW GSE expands its battery-powered range

    The all-electric 7400 JetEx eGPU is a relatively new accompaniment to ITW GSE’s portfolio of battery-powered ground power units. Soon, the range will be able to power all sizes of aircraft, while ea...

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  • Keeping the power running

    There may be fewer aircraft flying at the moment, but those that are frequently need the help of ground power units (GPUs) while they are at their gate. This power can be supplied either by mobile GPU...

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  • Looking ahead to better times

    Rushlift, the subsidiary of Doosan Industrial Vehicles UK that supplies airport GSE, has been busy this year, despite the collapse of the aviation market caused by Covid-19 The end of last year saw...

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  • MC Solutions launches new Lamp Time Control

    MC Solutions’ Lamp Time Control (LTC) system measures the response time of an airfield ground lighting (AGL) lamp failure and – says the Milan-based supplier of ground lighting and surface guidanc...

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  • Preparing for winter – and ice

    The Northern Hemisphere winter season is not too far away and many airports are planning for the aircraft de-icing that may be required. We talk to some of the big de-icing unit manufacturers about th...

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  • Schiphol trials TaxiBot aircraft tow tractor

    As part of its wider effort to minimise harmful emissions, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has this summer played host to TaxiBot towing trials as it considers more sustainable aircraft taxiing alternative...

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  • Shell Aviation speeds aircraft fuelling process

    Shell Aviation has introduced an upgrade to its SkyPad tablet that connects pilots and apron operators with cloud-based computer systems. The fuel supplier says its improved product enables ‘end-to-...

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