Autumn 2023

issue 63

Welcome to the Autumn 2023 issue of Airside International, in which we feature the changing technology supporting the lifts and loaders that make up an important part of the GSE mix.
Other features in this issue look at the subjects of GSE leasing and GSE total cost of ownership (TCO).
In regard to the latter, Megan Ramsay looks at how some equipment operators consider all the issues of TCO prior to making any choices on what GSE they might acquire, the initial purchase price being only one factor in what will make up the cost of that equipment over the course of its entire life-cycle. She also discusses with a number of GSE operators and suppliers how maintenance and engineer recruitment and training requirements are changing as GSE goes electric.

We talk with Gul Denge, sales director at Istanbul-headquartered DENGE Airport Equipment, one of those GSE suppliers, about the company’s news and its plans for the future, as well as with Nordic Heaters, a specialised supplier of heaters for aircraft interiors or for de-icing engines. We also hear from SMETS Technology, a supplier of vehicles and ancillary equipment for high-pressure water treatment of runways about its ELAtextur macrotexture testing device and Titan Aviation about how it is going about meeting growing demand for hybrid or electric on-airport refuellers.
The issue also includes a chat with China’s Weihai Guangtai, a manufacturer of a wide range of GSE, and discovers how the company is meeting evolving market needs, as well as with a couple of the suppliers of technology that support global airside operations, where we learn about how EMMA Systems’ artificial intelligence (AI)-based platform is helping Croatia’s Zagreb Airport to optimise operations and how the US’s Advanced Charging Technologies is growing its presence in the GSE business.
As well as hearing from Zagreb Airport, we catch up with Italy’s Torino (Turin) Airport to find out how it is ‘going green’. And the industry’s ground handlers are also featured – we meet the new vice president of Grupo EULEN’s Aviation Division, Jose Gonzalez-Mixco, to discover his plans for the division’s growth.
Finally, we take a look back at the recent GSE&RAMP-OPS Global 2023 event in Seville, the annual conference that complements and supports Airside magazine, while also looking forward to the forthcoming inter airport Europe show in Munich in October and, the month prior to that, the International GSE Expo to be held in Las Vegas.

We hope you enjoy the issue.

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Featured in this issue

  • TCO: a complex calculation

    Total cost of ownership (TCO) has become something of a buzzword in the GSE world. But estimating TCO is not necessarily straightforward – and nor is it necessarily the priority when selecting equip...

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  • Recruiting and training the GSE engineers of today and tomorrow

    Airside asked a few GSE operators and suppliers about how maintenance and engineer recruitment and training requirements are changing as so much of the GSE on airport aprons goes electric Patrick L...

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  • Affordable and flexible options

    Cash remains at a premium for GSE operators who have still not fully recovered from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the global aviation industry, yet there is plenty of demand for their service...

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  • Big changes at Titan

    Titan Aviation is leading the way in electrifying on-airport refuelling. Moving on from purely electrifying the fuel pumping process, it now offers its refuelling tankers and hydrant dispensers in ent...

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  • On the up

    The recovery in the aviation market is evident in strong demand for GSE of many kinds, not least for lifts and loaders. Manufacturers are in positive mood… “In terms of market demand for our Co...

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  • Meeting evolving market needs

    Weihai, China-headquartered GSE manufacturer Weihai Guangtai Airport Equipment Co is seeing strong growth for its wide range of GSE products and is adapting its product offering to meet changing custo...

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  • At the cutting edge

    SMETS Technology, a company based in Hoppegarten, near Berlin, is a specialist in high-pressure water surface treatment of runways and roadways. Its trucks are a common feature of airports around the ...

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  • Evolve and deliver

    Members of the airside world gathered in Seville on 19-21 June for the GSE&RAMP-OPS Global event, which focused on sustainability and standardisation, among other topics that will define the futur...

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  • Scandinavian heat

    Based in Kungsängen in northwest Stockholm, Nordic Heater supplies heaters designed to heat aircraft interiors or to de-ice engines. The stainless steel units are designed and built with an emphasis ...

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  • Going green in Turin

    An electric ambulance has entered service at Italy’s Torino (Turin) Airport. Torino is the first airport in Italy, and amongst the first in Europe, to use a CO2-neutral vehicle to provide medical as...

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  • Looking forward to a bright future

    Gul Denge, sales director at Istanbul, Turkey-headquartered DENGE Airport Equipment, tells Airside about how the GSE supplier is looking ahead to better post-pandemic times and is positioning itself t...

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  • Taking up the reins in charge of ground handling at Grupo EULEN

    In March, Jose Gonzalez-Mixco took up the position of vice president of Grupo EULEN’s Aviation Division. Based in Miami, he is responsible for managing all the company’s ground handling operations...

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  • Zagreb values information sharing

    EMMA Systems, which offers an artificial intelligence (AI)-based platform that is designed to help airports optimise their operations and increase operational transparency, is working with Zagreb Airp...

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  • Anticipating the latest inter airport Europe

    Nicola Hamann is managing director of RX, the organiser of inter airport Europe. The show, which is to be held between 10 and 13 October, in Munich as usual, is keenly anticipated. Hamann talks to Air...

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  • Showcasing GSE

    This year’s International GSE Expo is to be held at a new venue – the Las Vegas Convention Center, located a short way from the famous Las Vegas Strip. The event will take place over 26-28 Septemb...

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  • Charging ahead

    Michael K Nelson, president of the US-based Advanced Charging Technologies, Inc (ACT), explains how the forklift battery specialist is rapidly growing its footprint in the GSE market Tell us about ...

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