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Welcome to the March 2012 issue of Airside International to coincide with the GSEBuyers’ Conference in Amsterdam. The environment is always top of the international agenda. As an example, as world temperatures rise, some migratory birds are spending the winter an average of 35 miles further north than they did 40 years ago. Readers of this issue will find out about Munich Airport’s green credentials with its carbon neutral growth objectives and how the latest technology in electric vehicles and airfield lighting is helping all stakeholders to really make a difference to the environment. We hope the green agenda will be one showcased and discussed in Amsterdam to good effect. Enjoy the Conference!

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  • Bright Prospects

     The airfield lighting sector faces unprecedented customer demands; now LED technology and solar power look ever more like attractive options. Airports around the world are converting to airfield ...

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  • High Lifters & Loaders – the Key to Efficient Loading

    Efficient airside cargo handling depends upon speed, flexibility and teamwork. Tight schedules and the demands of time sensitive cargoes mean that a rapid turnround is vital, as well as the need to co...

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  • People profile – Martin Meyer

    Historically, handlers have been at the beck and call of their airline customers - which is not surprising, considering the fact that traditionally airlines owned the handlers. But today's independent...

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  • Precision Parking – a Ramp Requirement

    The ubiquitous marshaller, complete with wands, has been a common sight at airports and remain so at many today. Major airports, faced with growing numbers of flights and logistic problems, have moved...

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  • Airside MacLeod Elec. Vehicles

    Environmental concerns and health and safety requirements have stimulated a growth in the use of electric vehicles on airports, and particularly airside. Since they first came on the scene around 15 y...

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  • GSE Training

    Jack Evans, the CEO of Total Airport Services (TAS), tells an anecdote to illustrate the dangers of weak GSE training programmes. Although his company has an enviable safety record, no business is foo...

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  • Munich Airport

    Michael Wühle has plenty to be proud of in his record as Munich Airport’s head of environmental protection. But Wühle still gets frustrated when some of his ideas for reducing carbon are rejec...

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  • Sliač Airport aims high in 2012 to meet increased traffic

    Airside International talked exclusively to Ing. Ľubomír Krupár, Executive Director of Airport Sliač Inc, to find out more about the airport’s development plans and associated infrastructure bud...

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  • A clean sweep

    As winter thaws out airport operators are already looking at available solutions to enhance snow removal capabilities in readiness for the next big freeze. The start of 2012 was met with an especi...

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