issue 23

Many of the world’s busiest airports are looking to expand as capacity begins to crunch; Airside International looks at the benefit of a new strip to Germany’s busiest air gateway, plans for a new runway at one of the Far East’s biggest airports and the conviction felt by two UK gateways that new runway capacity is essential to their own and the country’s future development.

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  • Runway plans on take-off

    London Heathrow airport sky (caption: The congestion at Heathrow represents a powerful argument for those calling for an additional runway) Around the world, airports are dealing with more and ...

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  • Airport focus

    The future is going to be challenging of course, for airports as for every other part of an aviation sector that is changing rapidly on an almost daily basis. The last few years have been difficul...

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  • Industry veteran hangs up his boots – well, partly!

      Mike Doane was employed in the GSE business for 50 years, serving just one company faithfully through those five decades – Douglas Equipment, now a business unit of Curtiss-Wright Flow Con...

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  • Seeing the way forward

    Docking guidance systems have come a long way since the days when aircraft wheels passing over pneumatic hoses and inductive loops in the apron gave a signal to a display that lit a lamp. Radar-based ...

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  • Electric vehicles drive change

    Amongst the many strands that make up airports’ strategies to reduce emissions and improve their green credentials, electrically powered vehicles are playing an important role At Copenhagen I...

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  • Gateway modernisation

    Airport infrastructure projects in developing markets are worth a fortune for contractors, but there are challenges to be overcome This year began with yet another flamboyant event at Dubai Int...

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  • GSE buyer interview – Athens

    Athens International airport has faced hard times in recent years, along with most of the rest of the country. Life goes on, however and Airside International looks at the GSE needs of the gateway’s...

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  • Reaching the heights

    High lifts and loaders are the workhorses of any airport. They are used for loading and unloading cargo, the delivery of cleaning staff and their equipment as well as catering supplies to the cabi...

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  • Looking Ahead

    Airside International talks with Hemant Mistry, director airports and fuel at the International Air Transport Association (IATA) about the challenging future facing the world’s big air gateways. Q....

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  • North America: Business as usual

    Looking forward to the rest of 2013, airports and the aviation industry are facing challenges across the board from the chilly economic climate and the oft more than chilly real climate. Nevertheless,...

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  • Product update

    Aviramp offers alternative to conventional stairs Aviramp, the Shropshire, UK-based manufacturer of aircraft boarding ramps and mobile jet bridges, continues to expand its product offering. Lau...

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  • Winter’s challenges

    A large proportion of the world’s airports have once again faced a difficult winter, doing all they can so that the worst of the weather doesn’t impede flight operations any more than is absolutel...

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