This issue of Airside International addresses some key issues of airport performance. We lead with an in-depth look at safety on the ramp – an issue constantly discussed but never quite solved. How airports go about maintaining the integrity of their runway, taxiway and stand surfaces is the subject of our next feature, followed by an analysis of the latest trends in airport infrastructure design. Preceding an interview with the president of Transpo Industries, Mike Stenko, to discuss his company’s launch of its Color-Safe MMA product into the airfield marking market, are assessments of the changing face of the on-airport refuelling business, the latest news from the world of high lifts and loaders and an analysis of the growing footprint of electric vehicles at gateways around the world. We also take a fresh look at docking guidance systems, and wonder why – with such sophisticated technology available in the form of many different types of DGS  many airports seem content to rely on much older, less safe systems. Finishing off, as is traditional, is ‘Airside update’, our round-up of the news since our last issue. I hope you enjoy the magazine and find plenty here of interest.

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  • Safety on the ramp

    Accidents of many sorts happen on the apron of busy airports around the world every day, despite all the efforts to avoid them. More can and should be done, Chris Lewis reports Chris Kaminski, ...

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  • Surface performance

    Maintaining a runway in the best of order is not only a safety issue – as important as that is – it’s also about efficiency and performance. There is a wide range of equipment available to ensur...

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  • Design values

    Airports are changing, in many ways and not least in their design. Martin Roebuck looks at just some of the issues surrounding the latest airport infrastructure developments Airports make a stateme...

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  • Reaching the heights

    High lifts and loaders are the workhorses of any airport. They are used for loading and unloading cargo, the delivery of cleaning staff and their equipment as well as catering supplies to the cabi...

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  • Fuelling the future

    Without the right fuel, no aircraft is going anywhere. On-airport refuelling is a vital aspect of on-airport service provision and the domain of a number of specialists based around the world Air B...

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  • Transpo launches Color-Safe into airfield marking market

    Transpo has been selling its MMA (methyl methacrylate) runway repair and preservation patching product to major airports for more than 20 years and it has proved most effective at sealing cracks in co...

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  • ’Cool technology’

    The latest docking guidance systems are pretty sophisticated, but not everybody is making the best use of what is available, as David Smith finds out The reluctance of American airports to embrace ...

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  • Airside update

    What’s new in the airside world? Multihog provides cutting edge in Newcastle Newcastle International Airport’s Multihog vehicle has been used for mowing the 200 acres of grass within the pe...

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