Spring 2019

issue 45

Welcome to the Spring 2019 issue of Airside International, in which we take in the usual range of features and hot news from the ramp environment.
In the features, we take a look at how operators are better meeting the needs of GSE protection and maintenance, with prevention being better than cure very much the guiding principle here, while also investigating how airport operators can reduce their runway maintenance bills.

Changing customer demands and technological developments are the themes of an in-depth look at the high lifts and loaders segment of the GSE market, while we also talk to two handlers – Menzies and Swissport – about their global GSE fleet management and how they are optimising the value of their huge equipment inventories. Plus, Ground Team Red, a handler based in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, offers detail on the launch of its new digital control tower that is intended to ‘revolutionise’ ground handling.

Airside looks forward to the ever-popular annual Airport Show held in Dubai, while Mie Racjic – formerly of Copenhagen Airport – offers her thoughts on how big, modern airports can still act as a community with shared strategies for collective benefits. We talk to Milan Bergamo about the latest additions to its airside infrastructure, as well as to a number of GSE manufacturers – such as Aviramp and JBT – about their latest news, and also cast an eye over MSG’s new concept for faster aircraft deicing and washing. Finally, our regular Buyer’s Assessment covers KLM’s use of Denmark-based Power Stow’s Rollertrack Conveyor, and what the carrier believes makes that equipment such a valuable complement to traditional belt loaders.

We hope you enjoy the issue.

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Featured in this issue

  • Moving with the times

    A number of manufacturers of loaders, high lifts and access platforms offer their plans amid various expectations of further change in this segment of the GSE industry Many of the big manufacturers...

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  • Managing a global GSE fleet

    Swissport’s VP global fleet management, David Burgess, has a lot on his hands. But he’s always looking to the future… How much GSE does Swissport currently operate, and what types of equipmen...

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  • Rejuvenating runways

    Subject to the stresses of aircraft taxiing, taking off and landing, not to mention the ever-present impact of weather, a runway needs regular investment to ensure the safety of passengers, crew and c...

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  • Menzies goes with telematics from Smarter Asset Management

    In January, ground services provider Menzies confirmed that it had inked a new contract with Smarter Asset Management (SAM) for its Gen3 telematics system. And the move is being welcomed across the ha...

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  • Buyer’s Assessment: KLM

    Michiel Heikens and Peter Leene, respectively account manager ground support equipment and senior project buyer for Dutch carrier KLM, explain just why they believe Power Stow’s Rollertrack Conveyor...

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  • Milan Bergamo expands its airside capacity

    Milan’s second airport is investing in new apron infrastructure as it gears up for further traffic flows through the gateway In December, Italy’s Milan Bergamo Airport went operational with...

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  • Prevention is better than cure

    The demands placed on GSE are longstanding – severe operating conditions, for instance. Prevention of damage goes some way to reducing the burden of equipment maintenance, and stakeholders are takin...

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  • A lot to look forward to at Airport Show Dubai

    Daniyal Qureshi, group exhibition director at Reed Exhibitions, organiser of the Airport Show held every year in Dubai, explains what will be on offer at the next example of the world’s largest annu...

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  • The importance of creating an Airport Community

    Mie Rajcic has been passionate about creating a community at Copenhagen Airport for the last five years. Recently moving on from Denmark’s busiest air gateway, she now runs her own company with the...

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  • Rapid growth

    Terri Smart-Jewkes, global sales & marketing director at Telford, UK-based aircraft boarding ramp and bridge supplier Aviramp, tells Airside about how the company has grown so quickly   A...

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  • JBT takes over US tug manufacturer LEKTRO

    In late January, GSE manufacturing giant JBT announced that it had agreed a deal to acquire LEKTRO, Inc, the privately-owned supplier of electric tugs based in Oregon, on the west coast of the US. The...

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  • A new option for aircraft washing and de-icing

    Skien, Norway-based MSG Production has developed a closed-system option for aircraft washing and de-icing, the first example of which is now in place as a demonstrator MSG president Svein Maeland d...

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  • Handler launches new digital control centre at KLIA

    Kevin Chin, CEO of Ground Team Red (GTR), tells Airside about the launch of the control centre at Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and how its multi-faceted capabilities will ‘...

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