Spring 2021

issue 53

Welcome to the Spring 2021 issue of Airside International, another edition that reflects the huge impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the aviation industry. There is little sign at the moment of a recovery in the sector, as the virus mutates and governments remain extremely wary about the risks of new strains entering their countries.

There is some light at the end of the tunnel, however. Around the world, nations have begun immunisation programmes that it is hoped will provide a high level of protection against Covid-19. If so, we can hope that confidence in air travel might quickly return.

Moreover, while the industry has been hard hit, aviation retains an important place in international trade – demand for air cargo capacity remains strong, unlike that for passenger seats – and it is playing a vital role in moving vaccines across the globe.

Thus, Airside continues to have plenty on which to report. Features in this issue take in assessments of the growing interest in electric high lifts and loaders, alongside a similarly increasing realisation of the value of today’s tracking and telematics technologies. We also examine how airport operators take care to keep their runways in a safe and operationally efficient condition.

Related to the latter subject, Airside considers how airport operators go about making the vital choices on when to upgrade their pavement surfaces and how the Pavy cloud-based product can help them in that decision-making process.

In terms of product updates, we cover the latest modifications to the PaxLIft ambulift and Goldhofer Sherpa E electric tractors, as well as new take-up of Mallaghan’s TA8299 de-icer.

The challenge facing handlers at the moment is not forgotten, as we consider the latest news from Alliance Ground International (AGI), AeroGround and Turkey’s Havas.

Staying in Turkey, Pegasus Airlines offers its thoughts on how carriers can keep their own handlers as well as passengers safe from the virus, while news from GSE manufacturers includes an interview with David Burgess – the new managing director of Bliss-Fox – and words of wisdom from Nathalie Hayes, operations director of UK-based electric vehicle supplier JLC.

Finally, Mark Finch, latterly of Menzies Aviation and now managing director of consultancy firm EDIwave, offers his thoughts on the value of the more sustainable GSE that is now widely available to both operators and the environment.

We hope you enjoy the issue.

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Featured in this issue

  • AeroGround Berlin begins work at new BER airport

    When the Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) opened its doors to commercial operations on 31 October last year, AeroGround Berlin – a subsidiary of Munich-based AeroGround Flughafen München – began ...

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  • Different approaches to runway maintenance

    There’s more than one way to skin a cat, they say – and there’s more than one way for airport operators to ensure that their runways and taxiways remain in good condition and safe for the rigour...

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  • Enabling data-led decisions on airfield investment

    US-based company Jacobs – which seeks to provide ‘critical solutions for a more connected, sustainable world’ – has introduced a proprietary cloud-based platform that is designed to enable air...

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  • Handling across the US

    Alliance Ground International (AGI) provides ramp and cargo handling services to a large number of airline customers at airports right across the US. It has more than 30 years of experience of providi...

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  • Havas tackles the pandemic with new procedures

    Havas Ground Handling delivers – together with its subsidiaries – a wide range of ground handling services, including ramp, passenger and cargo handling, at 29 airports across Turkey, as well as a...

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  • Pegasus reacts to the Covid-19 threat

    Turkish low-cost carrier Pegasus Airlines has taken steps to mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and boost customer confidence in flying. Murat Demirbilek, vice president of ground operation...

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  • Staying on track

    Sustainability has been top of the agenda among users of high lifts and loaders in recent times, with electric units gaining momentum. Are customers still willing to invest in such equipment, or has t...

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  • Sustainable GSE: real torque isn’t cheap!

    Mark Finch is the managing director of EDIwave Ltd, a small consultancy firm focused on helping aviation service providers and airlines to enhance their customer experience propositions and drive valu...

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  • Taking on a fresh challenge

    David Burgess, previously VP global GSE fleet management at Swissport, has been managing director of Bliss-Fox by Panus GSE for a few months now. Panus offers a wide range of GSE, including aircraft t...

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  • Telematics: a cost-effective option for optimising GSE fleet efficiency

    Airside meets two suppliers of tracking and telematics systems, a way of maximising the benefit of GSE units and thus an even more attractive option than usual in these pandemic-affected times Targ...

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  • An airside electric vehicle option

    Over recent months, JLC Group has offered several products and solutions to a wide range of existing and new customers, in order to support them throughout the ongoing pandemic – and it continues to...

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  • Goldhofer e-tractor offers greener option with upgraded Sherpa E

    Germany-based GSE supplier Goldhofer has launched an improved version of its electric cargo tractor, the Sherpa E. It comes equipped with a direct drive motor with a maximum torque of 1,050Nm that giv...

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  • New Mallaghan de-icer goes into operation in the US

    Late last year, Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) began deploying the TA8200 de-icer produced by Northern Ireland-based GSE supplier Mallaghan at Newark Liberty International Airport in a first for both...

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