Issue date 1 June 2012
issue number 21

Perhaps the economic signs are improving…..albeit slowly….for example, the ANA Group recently stated that operating income and recurring profit for the 12-month period to 31 March reached record levels. Despite a number of “potential headwinds” in the coming period ahead, ANA does expect to make further progress in the current fiscal year ending March 2013.

The economy was a central thread at the second GSE Buyers’ Conference held in Amsterdam in April, which took place amidst global tensions and the ongoing financial uncertainty.  There is no doubt that collective anxiety at conference centred on the future and sustainability of the GSE sector.

But as we report in this edition of Airside International, growth in air travel is fuelling investment at many of the world’s largest airports, which are looking at increasing flights and passenger numbers as well as further building their infrastructure. In tandem with the economy, the green agenda remains a prerequisite and we discover how it impacts on both apron bus and towbar tractor operations in terms of emissions standards.

I hope you enjoy this latest issue interesting and informative.