Summer 2018

Issue date 21 May 2018
issue number 42

Welcome to the Summer 2018 issue of Airside International, in which we continue with one of the themes of the Spring issue of the magazine – ramp safety and security – and consider how ramp operators can best be trained in these critical issues.

Another features analyses the evolving market for that most specialised of airport infrastructure niches: hangars and hangar doors.

Plus, this issue takes a look at the prospects for autonomous GSE with the innovative Yeti system having been trialled on controlling a small fleet of snow-ploughing vehicles at a Norwegian airport; and very successfully too.

With regard to the latest news from airport owner/operators, there is a European bent, as we talk to a range of operators in the UK (Doncaster Sheffield Airport owner Peel, Southend Airport’s Stobart Aviation and Manchester Airport’s Manchester Airport Group) and Germany (Stuttgart and Munich Airport’s operators) about the big plans they have for their respective gateways.

We also talk to a used GSE supplier, AVIACO, and a well-established new GSE supplier in the form of ITW GSE; big ramp handlers Swissport, Menzies and Çelebi; an airline, Germania; and a number of technology suppliers that support GSE operators, including Honeywell, to find out about their role in the airside business and their plans for the future.

Our regular Buyer’s Assessment piece concerns British Airway’s decision to employ a number of electrically powered, remote-controlled Mototok tugs to handle its short-haul operations at Terminal 5A at London Heathrow. Is that a glimpse into the future for aircraft tugs?