issue 32

Welcome to the Winter 2015 issue of Airside International, which covers its usual wide range of themes relating to the busy world of the airfield operating environment.

Since it’s winter, we take a look at the challenges of clearing snow and ice from runways, taxiways and stands, while we also consider the less more year-round concerns of airport operators as they relate to infrastructure development and airside lighting and signage.

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Featured in this issue

  • Critical Mass

    The continuous need to improve safety on the ramp while harmonising standards is recognised by airports, airlines and service providers alike – and the mood is optimistic, Megan Ramsay suggests. ...

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  • Securing vital operational back-up

    Unglamorous and sometimes disregarded the requirement may be, but having readily available spares for GSE really is mission-critical. Get it wrong, and at best the outcome will be a delayed aircraft...

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  • Heavy investment in major development

    Airports constantly need to invest in new infrastructure and new facilities, but it is an expensive process. When it comes to building entirely new gateways the costs can be, unsurprisingly, huge T...

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  • Looking ahead on airport growth

    Michael Grimes, a partner at UK-based international law firm Eversheds, offers his thoughts on some of the bigger considerations that will be associated with future airport development Over the nex...

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  • Coping with snow and ice

    The world’s airports have to ensure that their runways, taxiways and stands are free of ice and snow whatever the harshness of the winter weather. Delayed or cancelled operations is the alternative,...

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  • Multi-purpose, Multihog

    Having considered in the previous article some of the latest offerings from manufacturers such as Aebi Schmidt and Oshkosh that are dedicated to the on-airport snow clearance market, Airside also ta...

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  • Showing the Way

    Ensuring that all the paved areas that go to make up the modern airport are well lit and well marked is no small task. Airport operators take different approaches to maintenance and acquisition strate...

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  • Lighting up the AGL market

    Christian Onselaere, CEO of the ADB Group – an airfield technology company providing a wide range of systems relating to visual guidance at airports – is working hard to realise the Group’s visi...

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  • Looking back to Munich

    There’s no way of covering all the news from the recent inter airport Europe exhibition in Munich – which involved a total of 676 exhibitors from 44 countries … but here are some of the highligh...

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