Winter 2019

Issue date 11 November 2019
issue number 48

Welcome to the Winter 2019 issue of Airside International, in which the recent inter airport Europe exhibition in Munich plays a leading role. Airside International was there in force, meeting the industry’s big hitters, as well as some smaller, well-established players and new entrants. A large part of this issue is dedicated to the news that they shared at the show.

Our features take in the topical subject of Snow Clearance, assessing the technological changes that are taking place that help airport authorities and their ground service providers to keep aircraft flying through gateways whatever the harshness of the weather.

We also look at how technology is moving quickly in the world of airfield ground lighting (AGL) and the various state-of-the-art surface movement systems that are becoming a feature of today’s airports, another tool to maximise airside efficiency and minimise the time an aircraft spends on the ground between landing and its next scheduled take-off.

The third feature addresses the important subject of assisting passengers with restricted movement (PRM) to reach and then board, as well as disembark, aircraft. Here, too, equipment is changing as new technologies offer improvements to longstanding methodologies.

Airside talks to Giles Eilson, who took over the role of CEO at the handler back in June but who quickly settled into the hot seat and has built on previous experience to propel the company forward along the lines of focus he has set.

We meet with Teletrac Navman to look at the benefits of telematics to GSE operators and to Turkish GSE supplier Timsan about the importance it is placing on electric-powered vehicles. Another GSE supplier, Bombelli, offers insight into its new Arctic Cool Dolly that is proving particularly popular in the Middle East and Africa, and our Buyer’s Assessment this issue looks at the value that SriLankan Catering assigns to its Timsan catering trucks.

We hope you enjoy the issue.