ITW GSE can power any aircraft with emission free, green battery GPUs

posted on 15th April 2021 by Eddie Saunders
ITW GSE can power any aircraft with emission free, green battery GPUs

ITW GSE can now power aircraft from business jets to narrow and wide-body aircraft with emission free battery GPUs.

Until ITW GSE launched the game changing ITW GSE 7400, 400 Hz battery driven Ground Power Unit – the first of its kind – there was no alternative to the diesel GPU at remote areas.

The diesel GPU accounts for more than 40% of the total emissions during a turn-around, the arrival of a new emission free eGPU naturally created a lot of interest in the market both from commercial and military customers.

With the addition of the ITW GSE 28 VDC JetEx eGPU to the battery portfolio, the interest only increased.

Now, ITW GSE announce the arrival of another eGPU, a 180 kVA, 400 Hz model including a 140 kVA model off the same platform.

The new and more powerful eGPUs are especially suited for wide-body aircraft as they have two 400 Hz power outlets and larger battery capacity than the 90 kVA eGPU.

In comparison with a corresponding diesel GPU, ITW GSE estimate CO2 reductions in the order of 275,000 lbs CO2 per year for the new 180 kVA eGPU, based on 5 hours of use per day.

Assuming that the diesel unit consumes approx. 165 litres of fuel per day, still based on the conservative 5 hours use, savings of more than 50.000 EUR per year on fuel costs1) alone can be achieved.