LACHS increases productivity by 33% within 6 months

posted on 7th January 2020 by Eddie Saunders
LACHS increases productivity by 33% within 6 months

LACHS (Liege Airport Cargo Handling Services), one of the leading ground handlers at Liege Airport, has successfully implemented Nallian’s Slot Booking for Air Cargo, one of the collaborative applications on the LGG Cargo Cloud. Less than 6 months after going live, the company has already realized a productivity increase of 33%.

Handling almost 200.000 tons a year and 150 trucks a day, LACHS saw its operations grow by 50% over the past two years. One of the key drivers for using Slot Booking at Liege Airport was ensuring the highest level of customer service while dealing with this rapid growth. “Our main ambition was to improve the quality of our service, not to work faster. Using the Slot Booking application, we managed to do both”, says Hossaine El Bouayadi, IT Manager and Business Process Development at LACHS.

Using the Slot Booking app, LACHS makes slots available in the app in view of their capacity, using a wide range of parameters, such as cargo type, type of location, day type etc. The booker requests a slot and the system automatically matches availability and demand or proposes alternatives when needed. Drivers who arrive with a booked slot enjoy priority treatment, both when accessing the cargo zone and at the registration desk.

The Slot Booking app helps us to better channel pick-ups and deliveries”, says Hossaine El Bouayadi. “We can make sure we have the right staff and equipment available when the drivers arrive, and prepare the goods pro-actively. It also enables us to better coordinate acceptance and warehouse operations, which makes life easier for both our staff and the drivers, and speeds up operations. “Prior to using the Slot Booking app the handling of a truck, including paperwork and warehouse operations, would take on average 3 hours. Today this is done in only 2 hours.”

Aurélie Dethier, Deputy Customer Service & Operations Manager at Liege Airport, comments: “We have implemented the LGG Cargo Cloud with the aim to empower all actors at our  to drive efficiency and transparency in their cross-company processes. We are excited about these results and look forward to extending the benefits of the Slot Booking to the other ground handlers active at our airport shortly.”

Says Jean Verheyen, CEO Nallian: “Liege Airport was worldwide the fastest growing cargo airport in 2018 and we are thrilled to see our collaborative applications are helping them to drive this growth in their cargo operations. Enabling airports to drive efficiency and transparency by ‘working as one’ is one of the reasons why we designed Nallian for Air Cargo. It is also why we keep continuously keep on extending our open app ecosystem, together with forward-looking players such as Liege Airport and their cargo community.