Leipzig/Halle expansion plan includes new cargo centre

posted on 12th September 2019 by William Hayes
Leipzig/Halle expansion plan includes new cargo centre

Leipzig/Halle’s expansion plan includes the construction of a second Cargo City, in addition to improvement of distribution facilities and other infrastructure projects.

The board of Mitteldeutsche Flughaefen, who manage the airport, approved the plan for new apron area, logistics and office buildings and a second Cargo City in the northern sector.

The project in total is expected to cost around 500 million euros, provided by the airport management company, which would make it the largest investment package for a German airport to upgrade in the last 30 years.

Leipzig/Halle Airport, which serves Leipzig, Saxony, and Halle in Eastern Germany, has faced pressure to expand its infrastructure due to the 10-fold growth in its cargo volume recorded over the last 12 years.

The DHL hub at the airport, which is also to be expanded, has been the main driver of growth, although the new Cargo City will be independent of DHL.