Menzies Aviation wins Ground Support Team of the Year award

posted on 3rd October 2023 by William Hallowell
Menzies Aviation TPA receives the award for Ground Support Team of the Year 2023.

Menzies Aviation was last week presented the 2023 award for Ground Support Team of the Year at the International GSE Expo event in Las Vegas.

The award, presented by Ground Support Equipment Worldwide magazine, is presented to “recognise and celebrate excellence” in the aviation industry.

Presenting the award was editor of the magazine, Josh Smith, who said: “Ground support teams are the unsung heroes behind the scenes ensuring the smooth operation of airports, airlines and the overall aviation ecosystem.

“These teams’ unwavering commitment, tireless efforts and profound knowledge contribute significantly to the safety, efficiency and passenger experience.

“As such, the Ground Support Team of the Year award is designed to shine a well-deserved light on these outstanding teams and acknowledge their indispensable contributions.

“I’m thrilled that representatives from this year’s Ground Support Team of the Year could join us in person to receive their award”.

At the Expo to collect the award was John Vollbrecht, Menzies general manager at Tampa International Airport, and Jose Valenzuela Ramirez, Menzies account manager.

John said: “The folks that deserve this [award] are in Tampa handling some flights right now, doing diversions and taking care of our customers continuously.

“I am just fortunate enough to come here with Jose and be here and so that we can bring it back home and show them [my colleagues] that other folks are appreciating what they do. Thank you.”

Jose added that “TPA for us stands for teamwork, persistence and ambition and those are the three things that keep our team working and providing great service to our customers … and that’s what makes us a great team”.

Image: Josh Smith (left), John Vollbrecht (centre), Jose Valenzuela Ramirez (right).