Münster Osnabrück Airport receives lighting and runway upgrades by ADB SAFEGATE

posted on 7th February 2023 by Eddie Saunders
Münster Osnabrück Airport receives lighting and runway upgrades by ADB SAFEGATE

ADB SAFEGATE helped propel Münster Osnabrück Airport to a modern LED airfield lighting solution in record time during a speedy holiday season closure.

An ambitious two and a half week timeline for the €10 million project focused on milling down the existing 2.1 kilometer runway to allow for a new runway, as well as the introduction of over 750 ADB SAFEGATE LED lights and 120 kilometers of new cables.

2022 was a big year for Germany’s Münster Osnabrück Airport (FMO). Not only did the airport celebrate its 50th anniversary and opened new available routes and increased frequencies, but it saw a major renovation and upgrade to its runway and lighting systems thanks to ADB SAFEGATE.

During the brief 17-day closure, and despite plummeting winter temperatures, ADB SAFEGATE completed the renovations and upgrades to enable FMO to resume normal operations on November 30. More than 50 people contributed to the delivery of this ambitious project, working during the short winter days to provide a successful turnkey result to FMO in record time.

“We are very pleased that ADB SAFEGATE could deliver a comprehensive renewal of our airfield lighting system under such an ambitious timeline,” said Eckart Frank, Head of Engineering/Environmental Protection, FMO Flughafen Münster/Osnabrück GmbH.

“Having the latest airfield lighting technology will help improve airfield safety and meet sustainability goals at FMO.”

Halogen lights were removed from the runway and replaced with over 750 new energy efficient LED lights, saving an estimated 230,000 kilowatt hours of electrical energy per year.

FMO also received 120 kilometers of new primary and secondary cables, existing regulators were updated and extended with new and smaller transformers, and the control system was adapted to accommodate the new technology layout.

Also introduced was the SCROLL ILCMS system to enable SELV implementation (Safety Extra Low Voltage), which guarantees contact voltage on the secondary side never exceeds 50V AC.

The improves safety in the working environment by helping prevent electrical shock during maintenance on the lights.

As FMO looks forward to welcoming 750,000 passengers in 2023, the renovations provided by ADB SAFEGATE will contribute to improve the safety and efficiency of the airport for many years to come.