NATA launches new online safety training program

posted on 17th July 2019 by William Hayes
NATA launches new online safety training program

The National Air Transportation Association (NATA), the public policy group representing general aviation in the U.S., has launched a rebuild of its online Safety 1st Training Center.

The program, first launched online in 2008, provides standardised training for employees at FBOs, ground handling companies and other aviation businesses.

“For nearly eight decades, NATA has contributed significantly to the prosperity of aviation business and has been a catalyst for safety improvement, but we have not done this alone,” said NATA President Gary Dempsey.

“As with the development of all of our programs and services, NATA relies on the guidance and expertise of its staff, industry stakeholders, and members in the field.

“NATA Safety 1st is foremost a member-driven program, which means aviation businesses can be assured they are getting high-quality technical content and accepted best practices in a flexible, efficient, and cost-effective format that works for businesses, both small and large.”

The reboot of the program’s content, including redesigned multimedia, new resources and updated administration tools, has been driven largely by input from users and NATA members.

The key change has been a move away from a one-size-fits-all ‘checking the box’ approach to a ratings system, whereby completion of training for specific ground handling tasks is recognised, rather than full completion of all content being required in a set time frame.

NATA says this will enable companies to focus training on certain areas only as they are needed, allowing for more effective employee development.

“This new approach to training takes what’s been at the core of the Safety 1st program to a higher level by enhancing training flexibility and comprehensiveness for organizations, while providing trainees consistent feedback and motivation for achievement throughout their learning path,” said NATA’s Managing Director of Safety & Training Michael France.