New TUG 660 Belt-Loaders from Textron GSE Enters Production

posted on 7th October 2020 by Eddie Saunders
New TUG 660 Belt-Loaders from Textron GSE Enters Production

Known throughout the industry for trusted performance and durability, the newly refreshed line of TUG 660Belt-Loaders from Textron GSE are now in production. Designed with updated features focused on reliability, versatility and safety, the TUG 660 models are available with a choice of powertrains; Gas, Diesel, LP or Electric.

The gas, diesel and LP units are equipped with a 4LHD transmission, transmission mounted parking brake and transmission protection system. The electric model is equipped with a highly efficient AC powertrain and regenerative braking which captures energy and distributes it back to the batteries while the vehicle is in use.

Performance highlights of TUG 660 models include; superior steering, Newage drive axles, Hydac radiators, limited slip rear differential, 4-wheel disc brakes, new steer axle and electric belt controls. Designed with enhanced safety benefits, TUG 660 models include axles that are available for aftermarket retrofit, multi-position E-stops and electric belt controls, electronic shifting capability, and handrail options. The diesel and electric models are both available with CE certification.

All models are engineered to maximize parts commonality which delivers ease of maintenance and lower cost of operation.

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