12th - 23rd Oct 2020 Podcast Limited Series 2020

Reasons to Sponsor

GSE&RAMP-OPS Podcast Sponsorship 

1 Episode as Main Sponsor – Live Logo at the beginning of the episode.

5 Pop up banners, 3 on your main episode, the other 2 on different episodes.

Chris Notter will announce you as the episode main Sponsor at the Beginning of the particular episode.

On your main episode at the end your logo will be big, thanking all sponsors. On the other episodes your logo will be one of the smaller ones.

Company LinkedIn account to be tagged in episode releases.

Sponsor Announcement post with your Company logo on LinkedIn.

Company logo to be promoted as a sponsor on all marketing literature promoting the GSE&RAMP-OPS Podcasts.

Post release write up in the magazine will include your logo.

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