Primeflight Aviation Services

posted on 28th October 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Primeflight Aviation Services

Digital Transformation and digitization of processes in the aviation industry are now crucial, it is not a nice-to-have anymore to not be left behind. Improving processes to be more effective is also at the heart of aviation professionals’ challenges and technology can help to achieve that goal. Primeflight Aviation Services knew it well and integrating technology into their processes by going digital became clear.

PrimeFlight Aviation Services provides air carriers and airports with a wide range of aircraft, passenger, and security services to ensure the safe and reliable operation of their aircraft and the comfort of their passengers. Its team is focused on quality, safety and providing a positive customer experience through all services offered. They strive to be a leading provider of aviation services and strong business partner for their customers.

A cumbersome process to collect deicing operations’ data

Planning the deicing season is always a crucial moment for airlines, airports, and service providers. Many variables must be considered to optimize every aspects of their deicing operations process. Each winter season, the Primeflight team on the ground deices thousands of flights in an expanding network of stations and collects a lot of data which must be analyzed in order to respect forecasts and budgets and provide detailed reporting to the airlines. The collection of this data also needs to be as effective as possible to save time and not jeopardize the daily operations.

Gearing up for deicing an aircraft, the Senior Director – Deice Operation & Compliance Support at Primeflight Aviation Services, Waseque Miah, and his team created hefty documents aiming at collecting deicing data. Each data had to be collated and ultimately delivered to supervisors. The whole process took several minutes to complete depending on several elements such as the size of the aircraft or the type and usage of glycol. In the process, it consumed most of the time of two full-time staffers and cost tens of thousands of dollars per year just for collecting, sharing and encoding data for analysis.

When you compare Deicing Manager with its nearest competitor, you can see that it was designed with the user experience and needs in mind,” Waseque Miah, Senior Director – Deice Operation & Compliance Support

Deicing Manager, the obvious choice

Miah knew there had to be a better way. He needed a solution that could reduce costs, increase process efficiency, and improve his team’s productivity. He also had to find a solution that the members of his team would use. So, Miah and his team proposed an idea: Go paperless by going digital.

He heard about Deicing Manager at an industry trade show and strongly encouraged Primeflight Aviation Services to consider adopting it. He found that not only was Deicing Manager much more intuitive to use but that it also allowed the deicing team to be more efficient in the way they were collecting, sharing, storing and analyzing data that the aviation organization needed to improve their deicing operations process. After narrowing the selection down to two candidates, the Wiseleap’s software came out on top.

A deicing software to the benefits of the whole organization

Deicing Manager has helped Primeflight to save a significant amount of time daily and improve process efficiency and team productivity. In fact, it now takes a quarter of the time to collect data and add it into the platform.

Deicing Manager helps improve the quality of information. Because we can centralize all deicing data from all stations together much more quickly, it gives us a better understanding and accuracy on how deicing operations are going. It gives us a complete oversight on all deicing operations because we can produce daily reports on demand. That saves us a large amount of time and money as well. ” Waseque Miah.

The organization reports that bringing on new users to Deicing Manager is easy. The solution is so intuitive it takes them, on average, 30 minutes to walk the ground employee through the different functions and features. Given the popularity of Deicing Manager, the global aviation organization has expanded its use throughout the different stations.

The deicing management software also allowed Primeflight to give access to their customers to have an oversight into operations by being able to run their own reports, view live data, get access to training information and deice logs, in order to have a better understanding of the deicing operations. Deicing Manager brought others benefits since the organisation has experienced the deicing management software.

With Deicing Manager, we also have now the chance to get more control over the deicing process because everything is stored and analyzed into a single platform, so we can benefit of a complete visibility of all deicing operations. It gave us more security as well, as using the electronic collection of data is much more secure instead of pen and paper. I can say that Deicing Manager has positively changed the way we deice aircrafts.”  Waseque Miah.