Roland Hartwig appointed CEO of TREPEL Airport Equipment and MAFI Transport-Systeme

posted on 13th November 2023 by Eddie Saunders
Roland Hartwig appointed CEO of TREPEL Airport Equipment and MAFI Transport-Systeme

Hartwig, a seasoned 57-year-old mechanical engineer, has assumed the role of CEO at one of Europe’s largest trailer and semi-trailer manufacturers, the Austrian Schwarzmüller Group. This appointment comes as the outgoing CEO, Berger, who steered the ship at MAFI for over three decades, bids farewell after an illustrious career that played a pivotal role in the company’s successful journey.

MAFI and TREPEL, renowned globally for their production of heavy-duty tractor units designed for seaports and transportation equipment catering to airfield logistics, have cemented their legacy over the decades. TREPEL, in particular, holds the distinction of being the world market leader in ground support equipment for airports, while MAFI has been instrumental in shaping the evolution of roll-on/roll-off sea transportation for vehicles, machinery, containers, and trailers since the 1950s.

Both these industry giants are integral parts of the NDW Neckar Drahtwerke Group, headquartered in Eberbach.

The newly appointed CEO, Hartwig, brings a wealth of experience in vehicle construction and logistics to his new role. Prior to this position, he held significant roles at Linde Material Handling, including Vice President of Operations and Head of Linde’s parent plant in Aschaffenburg. In 2016, Hartwig took the reins as CEO of the Schwarzmüller Group, marking his journey towards his latest role at MAFI and TREPEL.

Hartwig expressed his excitement for the challenges and opportunities ahead, stating, “The two brands, MAFI and TREPEL, have established themselves as strong players on several continents. Notably, with the TREPEL brand, we have risen to become the global leader in the aviation sector. Our strengths lie in the premium quality of our products and our unwavering commitment to providing global support to our valued customers. We are determined to leverage these capabilities to their fullest potential in the future.”

image credit: TREPEL Airport Equipment and MAFI Transport-Systeme